Concussion is an impact injury to the brain.   The science, understanding and care of concussion injuries have changed dramatically in the last ten years.  Dr. Ty Affleck has been at the forefront of implementing new standards of care in Sonoma County schools, and was the first Certified Impact Consultant  on the North Coast.

He assisted in the implementation of the ImPACT program (now standard in the NFL, NBA and MLB) for the athletic programs at Santa Rosa Junior College and the Santa Rosa City School District.  He is also a founding Board Member of North Coast Concussion Management, a non-profit consortium of physicians, athletic trainers, educators and coaches dedicated to providing safe and thorough post-concussion care to student athletes throughout the Redwood Empire.

Modern concussion care is optimized with a baseline neurocognitive test on an athlete’s healthy brain, to be used in the event of concussion to evaluate the level of recovery.  Concussion can be caused by a range of events and is not restricted to contact sports, but it is collision sports that increases the risk of a second concussion on top of the first injury - which can be catastrophic, even fatal.  It is ESSENTIAL that a concussed athlete has trained medical care throughout the recovery period, and that that period not be hurried in order to "get back in there."

Santa Rosa Sports Medicine has joined with North Coast Concussion Management and a coalition of parents and medical providers to provide baseline testing for every student athlete in the Redwood Empire.  Ask us  about protecting your athlete with this life-saving technology.